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Vanier, Oscar (Ski) (1980)

Baseball Hall Admits 16 Tonight Vern Putney 12/5/76

Vanier, a familiar catching figure in Western Maine for 20 years, was one of the few receivers able to hold local fastball pitcher Pete Gaskill. Many baseball memories will be dusted off by the old timers. Gaskill for instance can recall the names of the Buffaloes, a Munjoy Hill nine. That local outfit included Harry McLean, Alec Waite, George Buckles, Arthur (Scratcher) Mayo, Percy and Harry Pollard, Albert WArd, Frenchy Arthur mosure, ,Legere, Frank Berry and Manager Reuben McLean. Pete could tell of his early years at the Harvey Grounds, where he was "foul tip" boy. He had the concession, the right to retrieve foul balls that ended up in the reservoir.

Gaskill crashed the team as a 15 year old, played semipro ball for many years, hit home runs everywhere in Maine, was credited with a 500 foot homer that wound up on the mudflats far beyond the fence and donned ringer uniforms for such sparkling combines as Diamond Match. Pitcher Gaskill threw the ball as hard as he hit it. Fortunately rugged catcher Ski Vanier could handle Gaskills shoots.

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