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The Presidents Award

Wilfred "Sonny" Noel,  during the early days of his term as chairman of the board of the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame was concerned many good people we’re not getting inducted because of the number of worthy candidates. This accounted for the birth of the “Presidents Award" of the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame. Sonny insisted that the hall recognize a person each year who had contributed much to the game of baseball and helped foster its development and preservation. It was a “shout out "from Sonny,  a former Yankee scout and a former umpire at the College World Series, to someone who does good work.  Here is the gallery of stars. RIP Sonny 

1988 Presidents award Brandon Kelly.png
1989 Presidents award Sullivan .jpeg

1989  Shaun Sullivan

1990 Presidents award Martin Graffam.jpe






1992 Presidents award Sidney


Sid  Schwartz

1993 Presidents award Joseph Cavallero_e


1993 Presidents award Joseph Cavallero c
1993 presidents award Skip Conley.jpeg


1994 Presidents award Paddy Davan copy.j
1994 Presidents award Paddy Davan.jpeg


1995 Presidents award Ed Rogers.jpeg


1996 Presidents award Watson Gribbin.png
1997 Presidents award Gary Burns. usm te

1997  Gary Burns

1998 presidents awrd Rudy Ferrante_edite
1999 presidents award Ward Sherwood.png
2000 Presidents award.jpeg


2001 Presidents award Dick Robbins.jpeg


2002 Presidents Award Dean Rogers.jpeg


2003 Presidents award kevin
2004 presidents award Max Jackson.png
2005 Presidents award Bud Cook.jpeg


Presidents award special Sonny Leroy Ran
2006 Presidents award  Ronald Farr.jpeg

 2006  Ronald Farr

2007 Presidents award Peter Gribbin.jpeg


2008 Presidents award Dan Warren.jpeg


2009 presidents award Robert McPhee.jpeg


2010 Presidents Award Anthony Levesque.j


2011 Presidents award 1 Ted Vogler.jpeg


2011 Presidents award Al Payson.jpeg


2012 Presidents award Peggy Siegle.jpeg


2013 Presidents award Rick andereson 1.j


2013 Presidents award Rick andereson 2.j
2014 Presidents award Keith Weatherbie.j


2015 Presidents Award Eddie Woodin 1.jpe


2015 Presidents Award Eddie Woodin 2.jpe
2016 Presidents award Tom Chard.jpeg


2019 Presidents Award  Lester Jordan 1.j


2019 Presidents Award  Lester Jordan 2.j
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