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Schwartz, Sidney (1987)

Job loyalty and Sid Schwartz are synonymous. The South Portland resident was American Legion state baseball chairman from 1954 through 1980, longest reign ever in the U.S.

His 43 years as a printer included a stay from 1946 through retirement in 1975 at the Portland Press Herald. The 1931 Portland High graduate’s 20 years on the South Portland City Council features five terms as mayor. Both stints are records.

Success didn’t come easily for the youngster raised in the shadow of Portland’s famed Bayside Park. Aspiring catcher Schwartz didn’t see much high school playing time. In three seasons he competed against two team captains. The Lancaster A.C. backstop and his chance as a senior.

As administrator, planner and loyalist, though, Sid may have been No. 1.

In the late ’40s and early ’50s, four-year coach Schwartz guided the S.P. Stewart P. Morrill American Legion Post team to two state titles and a Region One semi final berth.

In 1954, Schwartz was appointed chairman of the National Americanism Commission for baseball. This body regulates all working elements of the 14,000-team Legion program, allocates regional and national tournaments to states, and selects tournament umpires.

Needless to say, Schwartz remains a commission member, frequently attending functions at Indianapolis, Ind., headquarters. The best player in American Legion baseball is awarded the Sid Schwartz Most Valuable Player award.

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