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Redmond, Dave (1982)

Dave Redmond was such an awesome strikeout pitcher in the Telegram league that an opposing team, Thornton Academy, once sent a runner to be intentionally tagged out so he would only notch 22 strikeouts in the game and not 23 to establish a new league mark.

Nonetheless, he pitched a no-hitter that game and his 168 whiffs in a season while at Portland High remains a Telegram record. Currently serving as an administrative assistant to Governor Joe Brennan, a boyhood pal, Redmond, who now lives in Biddeford, pitched in the early 1950s.

He pitched for Ray’s Diner in the Twilight League in 1951. Redmond was offered $5,000 to sign with the Boston Braves but refused. Football dominated his thinking. The year he graduated from Portland High, Notre Dame showed some interest in all-state end Redmond. Instead Redmond joined the Army and fought in Korea.

But football continued to play a role for Redmond, for after the war he became assistant football coach at Mexico High. When Ziggy Serpico left Biddeford, he took over head coaching duties in football there, leading his team to 27 straight victories and three state championships.

In order to devote more time to his family and pursue education as a career, Redmond retired from coaching. He served on various committees, such as ‘he state parole board and the state board of education.

In grammar school, at St. Dominic’s, Redmond pitched three no-hitters and two one-hitters, surprisingly losing both one-hitters. He owned four no-hitters during his three-year American Legion career. He always had a blinding fastball.

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