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Peverada, Bart (1984)

April, 1966, Bart Peverada, director of Patriots Day 5-miler in Portland, Maine.

Bart Peverada belongs on a special plateau whenever Greater Portland boys are concerned. He was “Mr. Portland Boys’ Club” for more than 49 years before he retired a few years ago.

Despite a calendar that had more busy days circled on it than that of an IBM executive, Peverada handled the full burden of ticket and dinner arrangements for the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame from 1974-83. A humble individual, Peverada did a remarkable job. The Maine Baseball Hall of Fame will always be indebted to his yeoman efforts, his contagious enthusiasm.

As Portland Boys’ Club program chairman, Peverada never hesitated to tap former members for help, using their special talents to the fullest. Former members had so much adulation for Peverad:; that they rarely turned him down, the Boys’ Club always benefitting.

Peverada would explain his workhorse role as solely to keep the Boys’ Club name visible. To accomplish that objective, the wizard of finance became even more adept at promotion and public relations.

His contacts were limitless, and the fact that many of the city's businessmen and civic leaders grew up in the Boys’ Club athletic programs simplified salesmanship and fostered promotion.

An avid baseball fan, Peverada played more football than baseball as a youngster. However, his loyalty to the national pastime never Is questioned.

However it is his wisdom of Solomon to the thousands of youngsters who attended the Portland Boys’ Club that puts Peverada into an ivory tower throughout the Portland community. His one-on-one huddles in proper privacy, no matter the problem, have endeared him to too many to recount.

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July 10, 1927- March 3, 2015

Peverada, Bart (84)

Peverada, Bart (84)

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