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Neptune, Joe (1984)

Neptune, Joe (84)

Although Joe Neptune was not a large man in size he was a big, big thorn in the sides of opponents. He had all-around baseball ability that required other teams to plot strategy 1n an attempt to stop Neptune from dominating the game.

He played most of the infield positions —concentrating at third, second and short—and even moved to right field when needed. A Penobscot Indian from the Old Town area, Neptune had surprising power for his size. When he was in the groove screeching line drives were his trademark. And 1n the clutch he was at his best.

In 1922 when the Boston Braves defeated an All-Maine team in front of 1,500 at Bayside Park, Neptune was the only real ““Brave" in either wigwam when he crashed a double to left for two RBIs to give the hosts a short lived 3-] lead in a game they eventually lost 10¢3.

Neptune, besides playing on numerous semi-pro teams throughout Maine, also played for a Frederick, Md., semi-pro ball club. He played on the same team as Maine native Rex Stover. Neptune excelled there, which was typically the case for the powerfully-built ballplayer.

Neptune, the subject of Indian folklore when talk turns to baseball, was a versatile ballplayer with a big heart and burning desire to excel. He never let the fans down and his hustle and talents have finally immortalized him with induction into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame.

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