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McCarthy, John R. (1981)

McCarthy, John R. (81)


John McCarthy played in Maine’s first night ball game at Portland Stadium for the Portland Athletic Club in 1934. Always a second baseman, he had a great glove and was a good contact hitter.

A baseball and basketball star at Cheverus, he was a guard on Cheverus 1930 state championship team that was voided when it was discovered a teammate was overage, at that time the limit being 20.

McCarthy—to be honored as an inductee into this year’s Maine Baseball Hall of Fame—played on a slew of semi-pro clubs, in both baseball and basketball. His most notable affiliations were with Adams A. A. in basketball, and with the famed Burnham & Merrill baseball team.

A basketball official, including state president of board officials at one time, McCarthy became a player-manager when fast-pitch softball became popular in Portland. He would dictate game policy from second base.

Managing legendary pitcher Skip Conley was one of McCarthy's prime softball projects. Conley, who hated to walk anyone, was often told by his sharp thinking manager to “Walk this guy.” Because McCarthy was so respected and a friend to everyone, including his ace pitcher, Conley would grit his teeth but listen.

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