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Hadlock, Edson B. (1976)

From Project Ballpark

Hadlock Field was used by numerous high schools and some colleges for baseball. $200,000 was raised and Hadlock Field was renovated into a modern minor league park. Who is Hadlock you may ask? Well, Edson B. Hadlock Jr. was Portland High School's baseball coach from 1956 to 1978 and the stadium was named in his honor, long before Slugger the Sea Dog was a puppy.

By Dudesleeper at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5,

Hadlock, Edson B. (76) . 2nd in back row

From Wikipedia

Hadlock Field is a Minor League baseball stadium in Portland, Maine. It is primarily home to the Portland Sea Dogs of the Eastern League but also the Portland High School Bulldogs and Deering High School Rams baseball teams. The stadium is named for Edson B. Hadlock, Jr., a long-time Portland High School baseball coach and physics teacher and member of the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hadlock Field July 3rd 2019 v Trenton . glstrom photography

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