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Dyke, Roy (Joe) (2006)

Dyke, Roy (Joe) (06)

Roy “Joe” Dyke was born in Wilton, Maine on April 20, 1926. He graduated from Wilton Academy in 1944. Enlisted in the Navy and went on active duty one day after he graduated. After serving two years he enrolled and graduated from M.C.I. in Pittsfield. As an outstanding high school athlete “Joe” excelled in baseball and basketball, and his athletic prowess carried over at M.C.I. where he starred in both baseball and basketball.

Joe was the guy with the “sweet swing”, “great wrists”. For a guy of slight stature he hit several home runs during his long career. Soft hands and quick reaction made him a perennial all-star at 2nd base in the Pine Tree and Timber Leagues in Wilton. The opposition was always amazed at Joe’s ability to hit. He had a lifetime average of .372 and was a flawless fielder. He seldom made an error. He could turn a double play with the best.

Joe played with Phil Dugas (HoF), Al Card (HoF) and Ted Shiro (HoF) when he was a student-athlete at MCI. During his long career he played with or against such HoF ball players as Lefty Vinal, Herb Austin, Al Davis, Drig Fournier, Bitsy Ionta, Al Card, Stan Horn, Stan Couling, plus other great players, including Galen Sayward, Randy and Larry Davis and Rudy Stanzel, just to name a few.

He had a great baseball mind - always alert and ready for whatever came to him. He was very durable, which was a must to play in the Timber League.

Joe began his semi-pro career in 1946 which spanned for many years. In 1948 he played in the National Amateur Baseball Tournament in Battle Creek, Michigan. He was a little league coach for many years and later coached Babe Ruth baseball.

He was a highly respected board official for more than 25 years. He was a branch Bank Manager for Franklin Savings for 34 years, King Lion, Mason for 40, Past Noble Grand in the Odd Fellows, American Legion and V.F.W.

He was married to Ruth Watson (she passed away in 1997) They have 2 children, Scott and Kathy, and 4 grandchildren. “Joe” will make a great addition to the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately Joe Dyke passed away earlier this year several weeks after learning he had been inducted into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame. Our sincerest condolences to his family.

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