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Carr, Daniel (1983)

Updated: May 6, 2021

Danny Carr, who so loved baseball that an eight-year stint as groundskeeper at Portland's storied Bayside Park was far more pleasure than work, will be at home in the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame's classy ranks.

Carr saw most of the elite play, and for about 15 years fired his feared submarine fast ball in the general direction of the slugger who dared take a toe hold in the batter‘s box. The ball, which seemed to come from the area of third base, baffled most batters.

Carr is the first member of "Portland's Finest" to be tapped for Hall membership.

Brother Ray, also a pitcher, was selected in 1977.

Patrolman Carr’s police career was studded with colorful incidents, including a best-forgotten shooting by a burglar at point-blank range Aug. 1, 1917.

Carr's rugged physique, fashioned by years of intense baseball-football competition, enabled Danny to recover and complete a distinguished 30-year police career in 1954,

Prior to World War I and for more than a decade later, Carr alternated baseball and football play with no letup in intenSity.

His high, hard one gave many a catcher not fully protected by glove padding a sore hand, and no batter was blamed for "bailing out" when Carr appeared to have control problems.

Keen analysts contended Carr could locate the plate were he so inclined, but the "wildness" gave Carr command of a much larger share of the plate.

Carr had a tireless arm, neither gave nor accepted quarter from rivals, and had complete confidence in his ability to smother with speed any hitter who ever lived.

A fiery adversary on the field, Carr could be very understanding in his “beat" dealings.

Indeed, he has managed surprising compassion for Red Sox teams cursed with September swooning. Carr seems to lead the fan chorus of "Wait ‘Til Next Year, hardly in keeping with the realism dealt with as a widely-respected member of the police force.

Carr attended Portland High and Westbrook seminary, with the accent on athletics. He managed the Portland Athletic Club baseball team, played semipro baseball throughout the state, and was a leading member of the local Wilson A. C. football team before tackling the toughest of jobs -- street COP.

Carr wasn’t above tapping any diamond talent designed to give his Portland Police the upper hand. He “borrowed” Saco motorcycle policeman and star pitcher Joe Vachon for an invasion of Bangor and a game against that area's all-stars handled by famed Eastern Maine athlete Earl Heal.

Carr also was one of Portland's two mounted patrolmen.

The big bay knew who was in control, and they worked as an ideal team. The horse responded magnificently to the slightest touch from Carr. When not involved in crowd management, horse and rider were a striking sight on ceremonial occasions.

Danny worked best in harness, though, with the former Kathleen MacDonald.

Danny Carr Jr. and Kay will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary June 2, 1984.

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