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Cady, Edward M. (Buddy) (1984)

Cady, Edward M. (Buddy) (84)

The Boston Braves would rather face a hurricane or a tornado than the likes of Edward (Buddy) Cady. His feats against the Braves and other top Maine and New England opposition were legendary.

A Boston Braves scout was 1n the stands 1n 1919 for a game at Westbrook Seminary when Cady stole the show. Portland harbormaster Phil Donnell recalls Cady’s performance. ‘‘Buddy slashed five straight hits and hours later was signed by the Braves.’ He was assigned by the parent team to the Lowell, Mass., affiliate of the New England League.

Cady moved right into a starting spot at shortstop. He was the unusual combination of a glove man and a fine hitter. It was no secret that the Braves planned to move him into Boston at the end of the season as chief backup to Rabbit Maranville.

It wasn’t to be. Portland outfielder Gene Bailey’s hard slide into second on a steal attempt, with Cady taking a low throw on the wrong side of the bag, gave the promising shortstop a compound ankle fracture. Cady was never the same, even through he still flourished in semi-pro baseball, including a stint with the local Knights of Columbus team.

Despite the injury, Cady’s next contact with the Braves proved painful for the Boston ballclub. Cady grabbed the headlines as well as the ball to detour the Braves. He made two acrobatic catches and his timely right-handed hitting also did damage. Playing second base that day on an All-Maine ballclub, the Braves could only moan the fates that took Cady away from them.

Cady began his baseball career as a pitcher for Portland’s Cathedral Grammar. He was employed by Portland clothier Arthur H.

Benoit for many years, and with the Porteous, Mitchell and Braun Co. until his death in October of 1966.

Cady had the athletic ability to play major league baseball but destiny didn’t see fit for that to happen. Nonetheless, those who saw him play were treated to spectacular action 1n the field and at bat.

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