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Boutot, Archie J. (1982)

Boutot, Archie J. (82)

Archie Boutot of Guilford, whose mitt was long the target of pitcher Billy Buckland’s baffling deliveries, will join the late Corinna ace in the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame.

Boutot, born in Kingman in 1901, was as durable as he was talented. His career spanned three decades and countless Maine teams.

He caught in several towns before coming to Guilford in 1923, where he played Saturday and Twilight League ball. Sunday action was confined to Togus until Sabbath play was permitted in other areas of the state.

After catching in the Blue Ridge League under Manager Joe Neptune, Boston Red Sox catching great and charter Maine Hall of Famer Bill Carrigan recommended Boutot to the Bosox. Offer acceptance would have meant transfer to a New England League club.

At the time, Boutot was faring better financially in Maine, so did not report. He continued to play at Togus with such standouts as Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Charles and Elliot Small, Bucky Gaudette, Pat French, Squanto Wilson, Del Bissonette, Danny MacFayden, Don McLellan, Vic Gouger and Noko Young.

Classy diamond teammates and opposition at Guilford included Will Jackman of the Philadelphia Colored Giants, Maurice Holbrook, jim Cunningham, Arthur Fowles, Buckland and Fitzpatrick.

Other game veterans were Al and Ray Farnham, Win Cole, Winnie Weston, Walter Kerry, Harvey Hatch, Omar Cloutier, Slim McLaughlin and Ear Heal.

The marvelous receiver with the strong throwing arm and timely bat will be a welcomed Hall addition.

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