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Bouchles, Jim (1998)

Jim Bouchles has already been recognized for his tireless efforts on behalf of Auburn athletics. In 1990 he received a Hall of Fame award from the Edward Little Alumni Association, and in 1992 he was enshrined in the Auburn-Lewiston Sports hall of Fame. today we welcome him to the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jim's long love affair with the National Pastime began with the Bates Manufacturing Company, which he headed for ten seasons.

His 1954 team won the Yankee Amateur Baseball Congress of Northern New England title and captured third place in the National ABC Tourney at Battle Creek, Michigan.

For 22 years Jim was at the helm of the New Auburn Post #123 in the American Legion program.

His teams were always top contenders and produced several Maine standouts. Larry Gowell and Bert Roberge were out standing pitchers who reached the Major leagues and have been inducted into the Maine HoF. George.Ferguson (HoF 80) Dave Begos, Bud White, Billy Reynolds, Rick Tasha, and Current E.L. coach Bruce Lucas, are among the many outstanding New Auburn performers. At one time, Post #123 racked up 42 consecutive wins and Jim never had a losing season — sometime playing 40 games a year. Jim was also an area scout for the Braves for 15 years.

Davis Richardson, a player and later assistant coach under Jim, recalls that “Jim was a very positive influence on all the kids that played for him”.

Upon leaving the dugout, Bouchles served as business manager for 15 years and received a plaque for his 3/7 seasons of service to the New Auburn Post.

For 22 years, Jim served on the Board of Directors and was past president of the Police Athletic League; and for 25 years on the Board of Directors of the Auburn-Lewiston YMCA.

He was also a founder and officer of the E.L. “Grandstand Club’.

“I can think of no other individual who has done more for high school athletes in this community’ — Craig Jipson, YMCA Program Director.

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