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Watson, Royce (Pinky) (1979)

Watson, Royce (Pinky) (79)

Watson, an outfielder for 12 seasons in the Philadelphia Phillies system, sparkled for the Portland Pilots from '47 to '49. He died last May. Vern Putney PPH 12/79

From Wikipedia

The Portland Pilots were a Class-B minor league baseball team in Portland, Maine out of the New England League. Created in 1946 as the Portland Gulls, the Pilots lasted until 1949, when the New England League collapsed. The Pilots were affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1948-49.

Until the Portland Sea Dogs expanded into the minor league Eastern League as the Florida Marlins' AA affiliate, the Pilots were the last professional baseball team in Portland.

The New England League

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Bases Jammed
Bases Jammed
Jan 30

Here is a video of the Portland Gulls Portland Pilots Featuring Royce "Pinky" Watson.

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