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Fournier, Adrien (Drig) (2004)

Fournier, Adrien (Drig) (04)

Adrien “Drig” Fournier’s baseball career started with sandlot ball - “Red Fence” had a special meaning. “Red Fence” was his only ball field in the early days.The three bases were three large rocks. The outfield was strewn with poison ivy. Need I say more?

“Drig” excelled as a kid and managed to polish his skills under crude circumstances. He went on to have a great career at Jay High School - a four-sport star athlete and a student of the sports, especially baseball. He was never satisfied with the “status quo”. He was always looking for ways to improve his game.

“Drig” was primarily an outfielder, swift afoot and a great accurate arm. He could play any position with great skill - in the field, on the mound or behind the plate. Always thinking two plays ahead of what was happening, he had great baseball sense that few baseball players possess. He went about his business in a methodical and very efficient way.

He hit from the left side, sporting a lifetime batting average of well over .400. Hitting was a science he perfected. He was truly a hitting machine. He hit to all fields but also had tremendous power when called on, often winning a game with one swing of the bat. He believed in the old adage “hit’ em where they ain’t, but when he got his pitch, power took over.

Because of his uncanny sense he could steal a base by making things happen. He could rattle a pitcher to the extent he always seemed to be standing on the next base. He was truly a ballplayer’s ballplayer. “Drig” played for many teams - Chi-Liv Townies, Turner Townies, Dixfield Townies, Wilton Loggers plus Central and Southern Maine, and in 1960 played in the National Amateur Tournament in Battle Creek, Michigan. He had a long and successful career that finally molded him into becoming one of the most outstanding Board umpires in Maine. He commanded great respect and knew the rules of the game like no other.

After 28 years of umping, “Drig” decided to devote more time to his great love - golf. Always a scratch or low handicap player, he played with great skill as he did in baseball. "Drig’ truly belonged in Major League Baseball but he had to choose work instead of a professional career.

At 71 years of age he is still on the golf course as often as time permits. He and his lovely wife Rita now make their home in Lewiston.

From Lewiston Sun Journal

Posted October 6, 2006

Fournier scores an ace

AUBURN – Adrien “Drig” Fournier registered a hole-in-one Wednesday at Fox Ridge Golf Club. He aced the #13 hole, 109-yards, using a wedge. Witnessing the feat were Bob Jordan, Dick Hurd and Ed Michaud. It was Fournier’s sixth ace of his lengthy career.

From Uncle Andy's Digest

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