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Banquet Gallery 2021 Holiday Inn By the Bay  Photo Credit Sophie Warren


Jack Dawson and Don Douglas


Jim Graffam and former St. Joe’s players


“Remember that time you missed the bunt signal?"


Aaron Izaryk and family


Family of Billy Snow


WMTW interview with Ryan Flaherty


A heavy-hitting line-up!


Jack Dawson, Brian Gordon and Ed Flaherty


Billie Rae Koch and Al Snow - Daughter and son of posthumous inductee Billy Snow.


Billie Rae Koch and Al Snow - Daughter and son of posthumous inductee Billy Snow.


Al Snow - Son of posthumous indictee Billy Snow


Brian Gordon picks the winning 50-50 ticket.


Matt Rogers


Matt Rogers


Matt Rogers


Mark Rogers


Mark Rogers


Mark Rogers


Ryan Reid


Ryan Reid


Ryan Reid


Stu Lacognata


Stu Lacognata


Stu Lacognata


Aaron Izaryk


Aaron Izaryk


Aaron Izaryk


Jim Graffam


Jim Graffam


Jim Graffam


Charlie Furbush


Charlie Furbush


Charlie Furbush


Ryan Flaherty


Ryan Flaherty


Ryan Flaherty


Tom Dexter and Jack Dawson.


Tom Dexter


Tom Dexter


Ryan Reid family and friends. 64 in all.


and one making getaway!


50-50 ticket sellers and T-shirt vendors: In front, L to R: Connie Clouatre, Nancy Heath, Monica, Bob Haskell. In back: Jim Burrill.


Ryan Reid table.


225 in attendance at the 2021 Induction ceremony, a nice turnout!


Mark Rogers table.


Art Smith and Peter Gribbin.


Hall of Famer Ed Flaherty and grandson.


MBHOF committee L to R: Dennis Gratto, Al Livingston, Rick Crawford, Brian Gordon, Art Smith, Peter Gribbin, Ann Gribbin, Jack Dawson.


Brady Douglas, Matt Douglas, Matt Rogers, Don Douglas.


Former St. Joe’s players in support of Coach Jim Graffam’s induction.


UMO Black Bear alumni celebrate Stu Lacognata’s induction.


UMO Black Bear alumni in support of Stu Lacognata.


Mort Soule “At Bat."


Future Hall of Famer?


Aaron Izaryk and family


New Banner for 2021


Stu Lacognata


MC Jack Dawson, Charlie Furbush, Ryan Flaherty, Tom Dexter.


Master of Ceremonies Jack Dawson


Mort Soule "on deck" !


Billy Snow family


Will Sanborn and Craig Furbush


Even the wait staff wants in on the 50-50 raffle!


Banquets are short; eat dessert first


Holiday Inn by the Bay Grand Ballroom Portland Maine USA - Site of the November 7, 2021 MBHOF Induction Banquet.


2021 Inductees of the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame Seated, L to R: Jim Graffam, Tom Dexter, Al Snow and Billie Rae Koch (son and daughter of posthumous inductee Billy Snow), Aaron Izaryk, Ryan Reid. Standing, L to R: Mark Rogers, Charlie Furbush, Stu Lacognata, Ryan Flaherty, Matt Rogers.


Inductees go over the pre-game scouting report with Don Douglas and Jack Dawson

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